Wellness Exams and Plans

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Wellness Plans For Pets In Elmwood and Williamsfield, IL

At Wags and Whiskers Veterinary Service, we know that your pets are an important part of the family. We offer a number of different wellness plans to keep your animals healthy year round. Because we know that every pet is unique, we know that there isn’t a one-sized-fits all plan that works for each dog, cat, puppy or kitten. Adult cats have different wellness needs than kittens. Cat’s and Kittens both have vastly different wellness needs than adult dogs and puppies as well. This is why we want to get to know your pet before deciding on what the best wellness plan is for them.

Wellness Exams and Plans Services Offered By Wags and Whiskers

When you bring your animal into see us we will examine your pet to find out which services make sense to provide. A wellness exam should be performed annually for young, healthy pets and semi-annually for elderly pets or pets with chronic health issues. They are often performed in conjunction with your pet’s annual vaccinations. Wellness visits offer the opportunity for our team to discuss:

  • Behavior
  • Environment
  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Microchip implants
  • Nutrition
  • Oral Health
  • Parasite Control
  • Intestinal Parasite Control
  • Heartworm Testing & Prevention

Once the exam is complete we will design your pet’s unique wellness plan. Here are a list of different services that complete a common wellness plan for dogs or cats:


  • an annual exam
  • a wellness exam
  • 2 parasite screenings
  • DHLPP, RV, Lyme and Bordetella vaccines
  • 1 year of flea and tick preventives
  • 1 year of heartworm preventives


  • an annual exam
  • a wellness exam
  • 2 parasite screenings
  • FVRCP, RV vaccines
  • 1 year of flea and tick preventives

Dogs or Cats can add on Senior Blood work for an additional fee

Any pets enrolled on the plan get 10% off elective surgery – spay, neuter, declaw, dental.

All vaccines, exams, and preventatives on the plan are discounted 10%

There is a 1 time $35 sign-up fee.

Benefits Of Pet Wellness Plans

As your family vet for Elmwood and Williamsfield we know that if you catch a problem early enough, it can be a huge benefit to the treatment of your pets. A wellness plan is preventative care that is aimed at catching illnesses before they have become too severe. A wellness plan can help you make sure that your furry friends are being checked in on year round. Wellness plans here at Wags and Whiskers Veterinary Service are also very affordable because we don’t believe money should ever get in the way of the health of your dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

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