Senior Care

We love puppies and kittens but helping your beloved senior companion age gracefully brings us great joy. Every pet ages at a different rate based on breed and environment. Make the most of your pet’s golden years by opting into semi-annual wellness appointments. 

Blood screening: At Wags and Whiskers Veterinary Service we offer a senior wellness blood work package. This package rules out underlying health problems that often plague older pets. It includes a Chemistry Panel – information on several organ systems, proteins and electrolytes, a Complete Blood Count and a Thyroid test.

Pain Management: Just because your pet is aging doesn’t mean he has to slow down. A lethargic, slow to move pet can be indicative of joint pain. We offer several options from joint supplements to narcotics. 

Euthanasia: When your companion has reached the end of his time we offer compassionate care. We will walk you through the options and processes involved in end of life care. We partner with Endearing Pets – Funeral Home Services to offer cremation after your pet’s passing. 

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